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  • OBD2 adapter

    I ordered the BAFX bluetooth adapter to use with the torque app on a galaxy tab 2. I have been using this setup in my jeep and f250 for approx 6 months and have had no problems. Last week the adapter started not connecting. It was still paired but no obd data. when it was working all the lights would activate, now only the red power light remains on. I ordered a new adapter and am having the same issue. I have been searching for a few days but have not found any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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    I would think it has to be something with the software in the tab. I doubt both vehicles would have the same computer issue blocking out the OBD adapter and with 2 different adapters tried, odds are on a software issue with the Tab IMO. Hopefully someone else with experience with your adapter and or a tab will chime in to help. I'm sorry I have neither.

    BTW, welcome to MP3car!
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      Thanks. Nice truck.


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        Problem Fixed. Apparently the last app update reset by OBDII settings. I changed the settings in the "app settings" but i did not change the OBDII settings in the vehicle profiles. Once the vehicle profiles were updated, everything worked perfect.