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  • Fusion Buttons + Help with installation

    Ok, so you kno all those nice compact buttons u always see on like the side of a double din, or side of a navi system normaly, the small VOL buttons with up and down, the SEEK buttons, and PLAY PAUSE... these are some basic buttons i am looking for...

    i need small compact 1's

    that is a good example of the size buttons i am looking for... if i can find something along those lines it would be great!


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    I am not really sure where you can get those in small quantities.... I think there is a thread around with somebody building a doubledin enclosure for a PC to eventually sell and from what I remember he is putting these buttons on his unit. You may want to PM him to see where he gets the buttons, or if you could buy some from him.

    Other than that, Mouser maybe, or just buy something broken off of ebay, and take the button part!
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