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Has anyone written up instructions for hooking up various vehicle functions yet?

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  • Has anyone written up instructions for hooking up various vehicle functions yet?

    I'm becoming more interested in hooking up various parts of my cars systems. Mainly the speedometer, tachometer, oil temp, engine temp, battery voltage, and just other obvious things. Which makes me curious if anyone has written up how to do such things. Or maybe one of you guys have done this and could write something up. Being able to unlock the doors when I go above 5 mph and unlock them when I go over 5 mph would be pretty cool. Figuring out a way to turn the fuel gauge into a % would be nice too.
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    Every car is different. That's the reason.


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      The beauty of the new write up is that SkinCode can be written that does just that.

      This hypothetical skin can be made to produce "intermediate outputs": variables that change state in the most basic manner. A boolean variable can be the door unlock variable. And speedometer input can be just a regular number variable. SkinCode can be written with all sorts of cool functionality but, the outputs will always be the same. Now individual wrapper SkinCode is all that is needed to make the standard door unlock variable (lets say whenever it's needed it turns on for .1 seconds, and then off. The wrapper skin section could say that when the door open pulse occurs, the mercedesdooropen variable performs a double-pulse, or whatever's needed. This mercedesdooropen variable is what would be tied to the door output in the IO section.

      Sure for things like doors and windows there are a few different ways that things are accomplished, but DEI alarm literature would provide a good start. Generally there are only a few methods used to accomplish these things.

      So, actually these wrappers don't need to be vehicle or model specific, they could follow the above stated functionality, and instead of being like wrappers, they would be bridges. Bridges would be really easy. But, at some point if this direction is followed, we should all get together and come up with a standard, and a convention for naming these variables so that things could be interchanged.

      I'd love to start working on this, I have a pretty good vision of how it would work. But I am knee deep doing this very thing with automatic climate control.
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        He's not talking software, he's talking hardware.


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          Right. I see what you're saying. The software will have to follow though.Each general method will be hooked up a certain way. Some switches provide negative signals (door open indicators), and some analogs like speedos use pulse trains. But there are limited variations of each function. It wouldn't take long to populate a thread with all of the ways doors are unlocked/locked as an example. Sure the analogs will take longer but application threads like that would be helpful. And software 'bridge' examples could accompany each one. I'll get on it as soon as I can, and maybe make one once I getter better feel for the thread and find one of the hundereds of car alarm install manuals I have around here. A simple skimmy for one application from one output all of the way through the switch or whatever, per post. Followed by the skincode that would make it work. And same for inputs. I'll start with the simple ones and move on from there. I'll do some soon, I suppose.
          It's been a while...