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What do I need to hook up the air ride suspension?

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  • What do I need to hook up the air ride suspension?

    I was talking to Tim at the customer service and he was helpful but I figured people here might have more specific information. My air ride kit has the compressor to the tank to 150 PSI sensors to the bags. The way it works is the sensors have 2 wires on one end where the input is usually taken from the switch. Since I'm not using switches, I'm running everything through the front end on the screen, I need to run a wire from the Fusion Brain to this sensor.
    So besides the sensor, will I need a relay between every output and sensor? Also, which wires will I need, the 2 pin connectors on the website? And if I buy them myself what gauge is the wiring?
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    If you could post information about your specific air ride suspension (Make, model numbers) we would be happy to assist you.


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      Here are some pictures of the actual kit.

      It is the FBSS Kit III from
      Ampie Case
      2.5" Hard Drive 80GB Samsung 5400RPM
      256 MB DDR2 PC5400
      Xenarc 700TSV - VGA Monitor
      Intel D945GCLF Motherboard

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        Do you have a link to the kit? I can't find one on their site.

        How would you control the kit if you didn't use the Fusion Brain?

        If it uses standard switches, just wire a relay in place of the switch. All relays have 1.5 ft. cables, longer than that and you need to purchase an extension.


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          Originally posted by Maheriano View Post
          Here are some pictures of the actual kit.

          It is the FBSS Kit III from
          Now I remember where I saw that picture. It was on the civic forums correct?

          That model # you provided is wrong. But going off of you driving a 7th gen civic, and that website, I think you mean the FBS-HON-26-KIT3 correct?

          So from this image:

          then that mystery box in the middle is key. Do you have that?
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            I"m no "pimp-your-ride" host, but I'm thinkin' that that white thing with the two pigtail terminal boards off of it maybe has the switch or connects to it. You're likely to need 8 relays, each relay will drive a solenoid. And judging by the number of pressure switches, I'm guessing that each bag has a switch that ... does something ... (overpressure? low pressure?) in in series with the switch (probably 4, 2, or 1 - 3 position switches; up-hold-down). In addition to a high and low switch on the tank for compressor control.

            I wouldn't integrate the brain into the compressor circuit.

            8 relays on 8 outputs. 4 groups of two. in the software you interlock the two outputs.

            0-wheel1 in_____X______0_______0
            1-wheel1 out____0______0_______X
            2-wheel2 in_____X______0_______0
            3-wheel2 out____0______0_______X
            4-wheel3 in_____X______0_______0
            5-wheel3 out____0______0_______X
            6-wheel4 in_____X______0_______0
            7-wheel4 out____0______0_______X

            ... and go on from there to do whatever you want with the control programming.

            then, once you figure out what those 4 remaining pressure switches are for ()
            they will either be in series with the opening or closing wire:


            Battery >> fuse >> 8x distribution block (terminal block)>>fusion relay 0>>(pressure switch)>> air inlet solenoid for wheel 1 >> ground.


            Battery >> fuse >> 8x distribution block (terminal block)>>fusion relay 1>>(pressure switch)>> air outlet solenoid for wheel 1 >> ground.

            repeat X7

            the relays don't need to be right next to the solenoids, so no need for extenders, keep em all together and clean (2 banks?) then run wires from them to the solenoid valves.

            But if you can find the wiring diag from them that would be a plus, I see the one from FBIrides but I'm not sure if it's the same.
            It's been a while...


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              2K1Toaster, yes, it's the same from People seem to have a much different opinion of me over there for some reason.
              But I'm finally starting to piece together what I need for the project starting with an upgraded electrical system, then the Fusion Brain. The model number I posted is right, I have a link to the actual kit from the site but they must have discontinued it because the link no longer points to anything. But the name of the file in the link is ..../ so that's where I got the name. And the one you linked to was added to their catalogue today so it must be the kit that replaced the other one since it's still called the FBS 3. Mine doesn't have that neat metal box for everything and it doesn't have any switches. The kit was originally set up with a touchscreen controller from the same company specifically for this kit but I didn't get that from the original owner for various reasons (he's a dick). So I'm going to integrate it into my Xenarc.
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              2.5" Hard Drive 80GB Samsung 5400RPM
              256 MB DDR2 PC5400
              Xenarc 700TSV - VGA Monitor
              Intel D945GCLF Motherboard

              2005 Honda Civic


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                Without information on the electrical connections of your kit, we simply cannot help you.

                It'd be like you asking us to cook your grandma's fettuccine alfredo, but not providing us with her recipe.

                If your "kit" doesn't have switches and doesn't have a controller, then it's missing parts you need to control it and you should work that out with the person/company you bought the kit from.


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                  ok I was probably way off on the pressure switch/ sensors (more careful reading of the OP would have helped me there). Those are probably analog pressure sensors. I'm not sure what they should be at, but, all things being equal (front and rear would probably be different) equal pressures will give even ride height. And some pressure will equal some height. So, it can be calibrated that way (unless you have those cool height sensors like the ones from Air Ride Technologies, then you can add a lot more functionality...but you don't so...).

                  I don't think there is any big mystery in the electrical hook up. The controller just needs to know when to start and stop the compressor and when to fill or drain the bags.

                  9 digital outputs
                  1 to turn on/off the compressor
                  8 for 4 wheels 2 for each bag

                  5 analog inputs from pressure sensors at each bag and the compressor.

                  forget that switch thing, that was stupid.

                  that's it for connecting to the brain.

                  wire it like this>>
                  only, each of those blue or orange wires goes to a fusion brain relay (the other side of the relay is connected to the battery (fused common source would be good).

                  and then the fat green lines are wires hooking up to the 150# senders at each bag.
                  there's a thread in outputs that shows how to do that.

                  one more relay (rated at compressor amps) to connect the compressor to battery
                  and one more sender (probably rated higher, like 400#) connected to an analog input on the brain.

                  now it's all up to your skinning abilities (or development thereof) to provide functionality like:

                  maintain bag pressure > safe minimum
                  ensure bag pressure < safe maximum
                  read setpoint pressure from display (front and rear maybe)
                  if bag pressure < setpoint pressure, open fill valve until =setpoint
                  if bag pressure > setpoint pressure, open drain valve until = setpoint
                  if compresser pressure < setpoint - deadband, close relay running compressor.

                  some failsafes should be considered. you don't want to blow up your airbags or drop at the wrong time.

                  and inlet and outlet valves should be interlocked, hardware interlocking would be safer, but bulkier.
                  Extra relays could be used for hardware interlocking.

                  you could convert pressure to percentages for a cleaner look, the beauty of software control.

                  you can then do speed based control, or related things like automatic leveling.

                  the only other thing I see in that box is a manual needle valve for controlling the rate of rise and fallm and a moisture seperator/filter.

                  here are a couple of other links I found, looking through this.

                  Bigger version of previous image

                  Nice article, can help with setup, even though it has extras

                  Very doable.

                  EDIT: as for wire guage, I have no idea what those solenoid valves draw (relay to solenoid can be small but I'm not too sure ...16?). And for the relays from the brain, it's best to use theirs since the pin connectors are already on them, and they are a PITA to DIY, IMHO. And those pins are too small for other methods of connecting to be practical, but the guage they use is like 22 or 18.

                  bigger wire for the compressor power side of that relay, but again, I don't know it's draw. You'll possibly need a higher rated relay than is available (or a second relay driven by one of the fusion ones, depends on how much it takes, I guess).
                  It's been a while...