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Scion TC Steering wheel controls

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  • Scion TC Steering wheel controls

    Hey there Greenman,

    Can you help me out with my car as well? I have 2006 Scion TC and I want to get my Steering wheel controls to work with my computer. I have no ideal where to begin. I have gone to the parts store and was not able to buy a repair manual for my car. They are telling me it is to new! How can I find out what wires control what?

    Thanks Phil

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    First of all, please do not hijack others' threads.

    Second, I have access to the same tools as you - namely the internet, and the dealership. You should be able to talk to some techs at your dealership, and google.

    a quick search turned this up, but it's for Scion xBs.

    I will advise that if you can't find the wires on your own, undertaking this project may be a little too big. We can't install it for you over the computer. You will need to be patient and research yourself.


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      Thanks alot

      Thank you Greenman,

      I aslo found for the scion xb. I wasn't sure if that was the correct and same wiring as the TC. I could go to the dealership and ask them as well, but thought I would start here first.

      Didn't mean to hijack

      Thanks for your advise!



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        SHOULD be the same the radio from the tc can go into an xb and xa etc its all the same HU you can even tune your radioo to xa xb or tc settings in the menu
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