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  • Plans for Fusion Brain!

    I made a few sketches last night and kinda came up with a rough idea of the things I'd like to control with the fusion brain, and have featured on the menu and such.

    1. HVAC, heating and Air conditioning with thermostat
    2. Cruise Control
    3. Amp Control
    4. Cams
    5. GPS
    6. Music Controls for PC
    7. Engine Diagnostics
    8. Slide Show (Different Pictures Showing off the Car)

    I'd like to have all these things availiable from a Main Menu.

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    Looks like you probably can run out of outputs if you wanna control all that.


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      A lot of those don't have anything to do with teh brain, like GPS, Cams, Slideshow...

      Also we don't suggest using the brain to control things like cruise control.


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        Yea, I didnt plan on utilizing it for those things, but I'd like to have all of those things opened up from like a single interface. I planned on explaining better but I had to take my wife to her OBGYN appointment for our little one. My apoligies. On the cruise control front, would it really be that difficult to keep the same controls and just use the touchscreen as a button and nothing more, for functions like ON/OFF, set speed, and cruise? I didnt plan on using it to accerate and decelerate, like your standard cruise control.


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          replacing buttons is ok. using the Brain to sense speed and adjust throttle directly is probably a bad idea.


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            I had thought so as well, too many factors and a lot of car to wreck into a building to figure out how well it works. lol.