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Digital input (mom. sw) to change RR skin?

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  • Digital input (mom. sw) to change RR skin?

    Since I'm still waiting on m fusion brain, I cannot get too detailed into this, because I'm still doing TOO much reading on the Fusion Brain and building it into my Camaro.

    The fingertip controls on my dash have four extra momentary switches that used to be used with the digital dash. The cluster has been replaced with Autometer gauges and these buttons are no longer needed. I know I can, and plan on using three of them to control volume and mute, but can I use the fourth to change screens in roadrunner (DFX3.0 skin)?

    I'd like to be able to use this fourth switch to bring up the Fusion skin for one touch control to my added gauges and controls. If I cannot, what can I do similar to this?

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    If you can setup RR to accept keypresses that change your screens, then very doable.
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      Originally posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
      If you can setup RR to accept keypresses that change your screens, then very doable.
      I haven't gotten that far yet, my Camaro is right next to me, still in a million pieces, and I need to have her on the road in the next 10days...Stress! If that is so, it will make my whole project!!

      My other question is that my buttons pass -12vdc. Am I able to rig a negative trigger relay to create the short, since I cannot short the connection to the brain any other way without hacking this ULTRA-RARE Berlinetta combo switch?


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        negative 12 vDC?

        you could use a relay to short, yes. Connect the coil to -12VDC and ground, and the contacts will act like a switch.


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          Everything on this camaro (stock) is digital, as far as switches and buttons. I'm gonna gather my pics and start a thread to further explain my project when I have the time, I'm moving at the end of the month so it's hard to do everything at once.

          The digital inputs I plan to use all pass a momentary negative when pressed, so I had planned on using neg. switched relays. I'm glad this is coming together almost like I had it on paper.

          Thanks for your replies. I'm sure I'll have a lot more once I receive my FB. I have my skin designed on paper, but have questions with displaying "gauges" and such. Those will come later.


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            Originally posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
            If you can setup RR to accept keypresses that change your screens, then very doable.
            Is this possible to do with a powermate, spacenav, or keyboard? Next big question of course is there a thread I should look at?

            What would be needed to do this with an external button/switch and a fusion brain?

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              Digital inputs in general

              I now have the Camaro running, and the CarPC is just about ready to go in. I'm working on a skin now, also using VB to try a different route (Thanks to another forum member for enlightening me to use VB, which I am finding somewhat easier).

              My question is I'm stuck at the digital inputs. Am I missing something, because I don't see how to program them. I've been working on everything else and I said "I'd cross that bridge when I get there". I have everything but those switches configured. I have the the relays triggering when -12VDC is passed, shorting the connection leading to the brain, all I need is a few more sensors, and trim a few to 5VDC using what I have learned on this forum.


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                Do you really need the digital inputs? I know I've had them working in VB, but since the next hardware release is not going to have digital inputs, I just abandoned them. The 10 analog inputs are more than enough to do what I need, and they will read a digital signal too.

                As I recall, the digital inputs have a very low resistance, so if you give them 5v, and then take it away, it will take several seconds for the input to quit reading a high value. It has to drain that voltage off, which takes a bit. For proper use, you need a switch that goes between 0 and 5, not just 5 or an open circuit.

                I don't believe I have that code where I was using the digital ins, but I recall all 4 bits are inside one byte. I think what I did was read that byte as an integer, then do "x MOD 2" to figure out each bit's value, then deduct the value and repeat.


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                  The reason for the the digital inputs is for the fingertip controls special to the Berlinetta. They once controlled STD-Metric for the pressures, temps, and speed. Since the Autometer gauges went in, These buttons are useless. I had bought the FB, and took on this project to once again have use of there buttons.

                  Would another path to be use the switches as analog inputs and trigger my required event on the -12vdc switch (dropped to -5VDC)?

                  Thanks for your help.


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                    Why are you talking about negative voltages? Are you using the battery positive side as reference?

                    Yeah, I use the analog inputs for switches. Just trip on when the input value goes above 500 or something.

                    If you're using resisters to drop the input voltage, be sure to allow for more than 12v. Figure maybe 20v as the max. You don't ever want to send more than 5v to the FB.


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                      The buttons I am talking about are pre-wired into the car and when the button is pressed, it generates a -12VDC signal that would travel to the gauge cluster in stock configuration. Since I do not want to hack up the board where the switches are and connections on it, I'm just using the output that is generated with the press of the button.

                      I've been looking further into it and I'm going to use the relays I have in place currently for what would have been the digital inputs, and use the relay to jump the connection between the input reference and the +5VDC on the 3pin analog inputs. So the software would see +5VDC when I press the button and do what I want it to.

                      The fingertip buttons will control functions like VOL++ and VOL--

                      Thanks again for your help.