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  • MDX error

    I've searched the forum, and can't seem to find my error anywhere, so here goes.

    I've installed the hardware driver on 2 machines, both display da fusion braid just fine in the device manager under their own category. I assume this is just fine. I install MDX and the config utility runs fine, I'm able to detect my brain and whatnot, but when i try to run the actual fusion control centre, I get a windows error (send/dont send window) and the data says something about

    Both of my machines are doing this, and I've never been able to get this brain to work for the past 5 months. Is there something I'm missing?


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    If you downloaded the MDX installer within the past week, you need FusionCOM.dll which was accidentally excluded.

    The new installer has the file in it now. Just uninstall what you have before reinstalling the installer, or it will ask you to overwrite a gagillion files.

    You can also conversly just download this file and put it in the MDX directory:
    Fusion Brain Version 6 Released!
    1.9in x 2.9in -- 47mm x 73mm
    30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
    Buy now in the Store


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      I tried moving just the dll file you linked, no dice.

      I re-installed with the exe i JUST downloaded, and it works like a champ.
      Much thanks