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best way to control led backlight with fb

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  • best way to control led backlight with fb

    so because the fusion brain has no analog outputs(getting close?), im trying to think of the best way to control the LED backlighting i plan on doing to my lilliput. I got to thinking that one could really get by with three different settings for brightness:

    direct sunlight

    anything more would be nice, but probably a little overkill. so im thinking i could just use three of the digital outputs to operate(via relay) three separate circuits automatically based on a analog input from a photosensor. the circuit looks like this:

    (from here

    in each of those i could adjust the brightness by replacing the return resistor with a pot so i could really hone in. that circuit was designed to operate a 1A luxeon, which is about 50 of the smt leds i plan to use. most people are using around 50 in their conversions, so i should be good.

    can you guys think of any better ways to go about this? should i just wait for the analog adapter you guys are working on? i'm not really pressed for time on this project, many other things are on the plate. the good thing about this circuit is that it will save one of my inputs.