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Graphing with RRFusion in RR possible?

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  • Graphing with RRFusion in RR possible?

    One of the features I love in Fusion Control Centre is the graphing instance (in the default skin graphing acceleration).

    I'm about to configure my Roadrunner install, and want to use RRFusion to keep it all in RR (or until being able to pull different pages from Fusion depending on RR keypress is possible). Is there a way to produce the graphs in RR? I searched for "graph" and "graphing" and also looked through heaps of skins to no avail.


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    what kinda of graphs does FCC do? Screenshot me an example... but i doubt RRFusion could handle that. Understand that the only ways for RR to display data are labels indicators and sliders. So RR and therefore RRFusion wouldnt be able to display a line graph. If you know someone good with flash it could be done within RR i spose Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      i can't get a screen shot right now.

      The graphing instance in the sample skin is for acceleration, with g's on one axis and time on the other. Thanks anyway.