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FB, Will it do what I want it to? newb question

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  • FB, Will it do what I want it to? newb question


    Right, the current audio setup is: Headunit + 4 amps controlling various speakers.

    1. The carpc is going in soon. The remote cables going to the amps have inline toggle switches, so i can turn them on and off indvidually as I please. I want to replace these toggle switches with the FB and control the "on/off" of these amps with the carpc. From what I've read i think it is possible; dont really speak "technology" very well, have more of and understanding of layman's terms :-). So a simple yes or no will do :-).

    2. I'm also putting in 2 headrest monitors, would i be able to control the on/off (via remote cable) for these as well using this board via software?

    3. I'm fitting an aftermarket parking sensor system, with 4 sensors (rear), a control unit and a beeper (beeps faster and faster the closer you get), would i be able to take the positive and negative wires to the beeper, feed it into the FB and have some software read the signal and display a visual of how close the object is? similar to what the new bmw 5 series does when you start to reverse? I'm not bothered about doing it per sensor since it is too much work for something so small.

    I apologise if answers for these have already been provided in a thread, if so a link to such a thread would be appreciated....


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    1) yes That is what it does best, flicking a relay on and off from the PC.

    2) If it has a remote line so it only turns on when that line is live yes. If it auto turns on when power is applied, then yes.

    3) well the beeps are too slow for a frequency to voltage converter, and may be too fast for the FB unless you have a beefier CPU. I wont say "yes" just in case, but maybe.

    We do however offer an ultrasonic sensor, and you can solder your own transducer on it if you want. This will output a voltage that the FB can see perfectly.
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