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    ok, so while I am waiting for my FB to arrive, I thought I would start working on a skin for it. I'm basically just modifying the skin that is made when you use the ninja kitty of doom.

    I deleted the 2nd page, added 3 buttons to the bottom of the page and removed the bottom 2 buttons.

    The only thing I can't figure out is if I do a text label at the very top of the skin titled Thumpinbass. dimensions are 100x500 color is white and I'm using one of the fonts that came with the software, why am I getting a white box with those dimensions?

    How do I get the text to show up?

    And how can I start using that skin for my application?

    Sorry for all the questions, just trying to understand everything and make a basic skin for what I need.


    UPDATE** Nevermind. After reading some more information on the new wizard, I figured it out.

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    so you're all set? feel free to ask questions


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      Yeah, I figured it out. When viewing the template on the right side, none of the text labels were showing, but when I saved it and clicked on the Fusion Control Centre icon on my desktop, everything showed up like I wanted.

      Until I actually get my FB in the mail (which was shipped today) I have been trying to embed it in centrefuse.

      After playing with the configurator for a while, I got the skinning part down a little, lucky for me, I just need on/off switches for all 12 digital outs.

      I will then try and follow your tutorial on steering wheel controls. I believe I have a 1 wire connection so hopefully it shouldn't be to bad, but I will ask questions when I get that far.

      Thank you,



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        Yup, just confirming the fact that the configurator does not display text, it just shows the text label's bounds in the font colour.
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