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  • fusion brain v4 car control

    okay i have the fusions v4 and i want it to be able to lock and unlock doors, open and close windows, is this possible and how would i go about doing this, new to the product and it seems to be just what i need from what i am reading. any help on what i would need to do this and parts/ hardware would be great thanks guys.

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    the first step would be to figure out how your car does those functions.

    does it would +/- pulses for the locks? resistance?

    are the windows control with low amp switch or does the switch reverse the polarity? There are many different ways that cars operate these functions.

    Figure those out for the first step then we can help you more on how to get the brain to do those things.


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      what would be the best way to find this info out, take the window switch out and manual power and see if i can reverse polarity to get it to go up and then back down, how do i know if i have a low amp switch.


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        Get a decent multimeter and take the switches apart and test the leads as you operate them... dont try to just manually operate them off the bat by guessing and touching wires together or anything like that, bc thats how people break things.

        You could try doing some google searching about your car and see if anyone has info on it, also you could try to contact your local mobile electronics place and see if they have and controller modules for you car that can be externally controller for example like by an alarm system...


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          but if i had found a car alarm that could control the windows and locks would i be able to control it through the computer still using fusion brain


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            most car alarms wont control windows w/o an external module anyway. they can usually control the locks but on certain ones you still need extra parts to make it work.

            But if you had a car alarm controlling the locks with a windows module you could easily use the fusion brain then to tape into the wires between the alarm brain and locks or window modules and just use the brain to produce the same signal out that the alarm is pushing out to the module. From my experience most car alarm systems will put out a low 200mA ground pulse or latch to activate the external components.


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              another option is to get a hold of your vehicles service manual with the wiring diagrams, even better if you can get the diagnostics information as well...

              there's a wealth of knowledge to be learned from them.

              For instance, using just my FSM, without even needing a multimeter, i know what sensors in my car are 5V sensors, if they're resistive or have a 5V supply, wave signal (sine, square, digital, etc), how all of my power options work, like that my lock/unlock are a single wire resistive ground signal, etc.....
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                I had a DEI 530T window module that I got for $50 on ebay years ago. All it needs is a simple pulse to control it. It has all the necessary resistance detection, and driver relays... I think it would make more sense to order a module like this. If you have four windows, you order two, and it gives you auto up/auto down... Mine was wired to roll up the windows when I armed the alarm, and when you pushed and held an AUX button on the remote, it rolled them down.

                Easily done with the FB, I would assume. For me, I'll probably end up getting another 1-mile SST DEI 2-way alarm, this module, and interface it with the FB and CarPC for other uses....