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Help Needed with Fusion Brian Programming

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  • Help Needed with Fusion Brian Programming

    Hi, Nick and the team are quite busy and I am hoping that some of you other users can give me some guidance. I have used BASIC and such but I am having some problems with logic and the configurator. Here is what I want to do as a first step: Read input 0's voltage and let's say if the input is above 3.3v for more than 8 second, then turn on relay (output 0). Seems simple. I can do this with the GUI button all day (I mean turning the relay on and off. But that just proves the brain and comp are working). So here is what I have done. I run the ninja for 1 input and one output. Using the virtual brain to test. I look at the logic builder for input 0. From left to right I have: input 0 connecting to >= operator and have a numeric operator connected to the other input of the >= operator. The number is 3.3 in that field. Then this connects to the output (green arrow object). Then I add an if statement setting it up for "trigger output" at port 0. I save all the configurator stuff to the FusionControl file and launch the MDX. The virtual brain pops up and I can adjust the input 0's number which does increment on the MDX Guil but the relay "output" on the virtual brain does not toggle ever (but it does from the GUI button). So in the above example, obviosly I have no step included yet for the hysterisis or checking for the 8 seconds. One thing at a time...

    Secondly, How do you change the button from momentary to toggling again--I did it before but forgot how and now only have the momentary mode.

    Another question is about the logic builder's "output node" Nick says it is an input so I assume this is used for polling to se what state it is in or am I wrong on that?

    Most of my confusion seems to stem from should I be using bolean logic or numeric variables I guess. If folks have a skin I can load and pick at that might be helpful?
    Thanks, Jeff K.

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    Post some screenshots.


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      Help Programming...

      Got it to work! Now I will have more questions but it is working well...