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GPS controlled License Plate cover/flipper/switcher?

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  • GPS controlled License Plate cover/flipper/switcher?

    Ok, so I'm going to start off by saying that this is in all likelyhood illegal, and that it what will be discussed in this thread for research purposes and proof of concept. In no way am I saying it should it be used on the road...

    Anyway, now that that's over, here's the idea:

    You're driving along a road with a known speed camera. When you reach a certain GPS coordinate on the road, the Fusion Brain will do one of the 3 example actions listed below:

    (1) Activates an LCD screen over your license plate and blacks it out
    (2) Activates a motor that flips up the plate to a 90 deg angle (plate face is pointed to the sky)
    (3) Like in the movie "Transporter", it'll trigger a plate switcher, which will display a fake plate.

    You drive by the speed camera at whatever speed you want, it tries to take a picture of your plate and fails since the plate is not visible. Once you get to a second GPS point on the road (a marked "safe distance") the hiding action will be undone and the plate will appear stock again.

    My idea is that the first time you drive through a speed camera zone you mark the 2 GPS points and from then on it'll remember the camera locations and activate the plate hiding system on it's own. I think this is probably possible through RR, but I'd prefer if it can be done with only the Fusion Brain software, being independant of the frontend, and so compatible with all frontends.

    Any ideas? Comments?

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    My first few thoughts are,

    Yes it is illegal.
    GPS is probably not accurate enough to do it for a long enough period to cover your ***, whilst being short enough for it to go reasonably unnoticed.


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      Wouldnt rely on GPS. What if a cop is following you and your GPS recognizes a camera in the area... that would suck to have the cop WATCH your plate turn.

      Cool idea though, entirely possible. A buddy of mine has a sliding actuator that drops an old US plate over his so that whoever does own the plate can't be billed by whatever system due to us living in Canada. Works well for toll roads.
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