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    I bought my FB a couple of years ago and struggled. I have now come back to it and everything has changed.

    I have a carputer, and want to control winamp through buttonson my dash (volume, play, stop, rwd, ffwd(

    I have read through the tutorials but have a few questions first.

    1. Can i develop on my vista machine even though my carputer will is XP?
    2. do i still need to develop a skin, even though i don't need to see the output?
    3. can the volume control control master volume now (rather than winamp volume?)

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    1 Should be no problem. I have a VB program I wrote on XP & works/edits fine in vista 64, can't use MDX on 64bit though. Next test is win7 32bit (quick trial did some wierd things, not sure if it was a problem or just something else goin on)
    2 nope, just make the logic do it all
    3. not sure, it's going to depend on how you are interacting from MDX->Winamp/windows (not sure if MDX can do that yet, VB could)


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      also, when using the mdx i get told there are no fusion brains connected, does it not support the earlier versions of the brain?


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        which version do you have? works fine for both my version 3 and version 4


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          Make sure you specify brain version 3 in the config file.



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            i am not sure which version i have, i bought it in Jun/Jul 2007

            here is a pic.


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              that's a v3. You need to open the .xml and change the version.


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                thanks, but i do not think i have got that far yet.

                my brain is powered, and linked to usb.

                i open "MDX configurator"
                and click on add brain
                the "brain form" pops up.
                and i click the magnifying glass next to ID.

                i then get an error message saying "no version 4 brains were detected" and "no version 3 brains were detected"

                fallen at first hurdle?


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                  hold on, no lights on the brain. and a puff of smoke from the 1 of the 2 smaller chips.

                  i guess that's not good?


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                    actually the chip has a crack in it... guess that's not good either


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                      Nah dont worry, lots of chips have cracks in them!

                      Thats a joke :P Sounds like you blew a driver chip. That typically means one of your outputs is shorted.
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                        i am not using any outputs


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                          or you hooked up your power supply backwards. either way, not good.


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                            ok, quite certain i haven't unless the power supply in the house has a positive outer, i'll check this tonight.

                            i've ordered a new brain. it looks like the project is on hold again.


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                              what a numpty,

                              i tested the power supply with a chepo battery tester, 12v +ve inner, great no probs.

                              when i tried it again (after blowing the brain, i thought i'd reverse the battery tester, still 12v ... hmmmm ... the power supply was 12v AC!!!!