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Where to find automotive sensors - oil press/oil temp/fuel press/etc?

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  • Where to find automotive sensors - oil press/oil temp/fuel press/etc?

    I apologize if this is a brain-dead question, but I don't really know where to find these. I know the manufacturers of most aftermarket gauges will sell replacement sensors, but I believe these are generally meant to match with the particular gauges. Are there any online sources where I can get these sorts of sensors along with information on the specific temp/pressure ranges and the voltage output?


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    Im gonna take a stab and ask are you wanting actual guages or guage displayed on carPC, as this is a carpc wbsite for the most part.. So assuming you want it on carPC then you need a OBDII adaptor that links to the PC then create a skin or use ones alreadt created to link the oil, and other cool info.. you can also read MAP, timing , and other stuff your not aware of you would find useful some you can even adjust all from the PC..on the fly, my favorite is reading codes and clearing them prior to

    now if you want actual guages then i would suggest getting a Hanes manual and follow the wire diagram to find what wire links to the ECM and then simply buy some guages and hook it in and I presume it grounds to the chassis. Im not gear head but i believe these are standard not made particularly to a certain guage/sensor example would be a o2 sensor reads voltage very small amount, gas guage resistance, temp guage reads resistance (thermoresistor) So i would be inclined to think that any oil guage of be compatible..visit Autozone or Napa as they have aftermarket guages and would be able to open the box and retrieve the directions so you got a better understanding of how universal they are. There are many here that can shoot you in right direction, I suggest looking into fabrication forum and looking around using search word guages. let us know if its physical guage your wanting or if your implementing it digitally into the frontend of choice like Riderunner, Centrafuse..ect..
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      GrOnk: check the full service manual for your vehicle. Haynes will proabably not have this information, but for instance on my car the service manual tells voltage ranges for all the different sensors, as well as part numbers and replacement part numbers.
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        Hey guys, thanks for the quick responses, and sorry I was unclear. I just posted the bare question since I was posting in the FB subforum, but let me provide some context:

        I'm interested in using Fusion Brain's capacity to read 0-5v inputs to monitor aftermarket sensors that I'd like to add to the car. I'm not trying to read data from the OBDII system or to read the OEM sensors already built into the car. I'm not trying to monitor anything the car is already monitoring.

        Likewise, I don't want to buy actual aftermarket gauge units, because the whole point is to read this data from the FB/CarPC setup and log/display that way rather than using individual physical gauge units on the dashboard.

        My understanding was that one of the original proposed uses of FB was to read car data even for those without an OBDII system. I'm not sure how many people have actually done that, but if anyone has actually used sensors with fusion brain to monitor engine data, I'm curious as to where they got the sensors. For instance, I know you can buy, e.g., an autometer oil pressure gauge that will include the sensor and the physical display unit, but I'm not sure how to just get a sensor by itself that spits out a FB-compatible signal and that isn't meant specifically to tie into a manufacturer's specific gauge.

        Let me know if I'm still not making any sense.


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          What do you want to monitor?


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            Two simplest examples of what I'd like to monitor: I need to buy an oil temp sensor and an oil pressure sensor.


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              Question was clear to me. I had the same one a month ago. GM LT1 oil pressure sensor ACDelco 10201491. 1 ohm = 0 psi, 43 ohm = 30 psi, 86 ohm = 60 psi

              Temp sensor part numbers and values:


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                Here are some other options. They will also work with Palmer Performances Dash Command.

                I am pretty sure you could get them to work with fusion brain.

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                  Originally posted by drewbp View Post
                  Here are some other options. They will also work with Palmer Performances Dash Command.

                  I am pretty sure you could get them to work with fusion brain.

                  Way expensive.

         has sensors, too.

                  Or most factory sensors would work fine.