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Help me troubleshoot my fusion brain

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  • Help me troubleshoot my fusion brain

    Seems like every time I try to install my fusion brain on a new computer I always have some sort of problem with Ride Runner and RRfusion. Currently I have the fusion brain set up with my laptop and when I tried to copy everything over to my carpc once again it doesn’t work. The fusion brain software sees the fusion brain and it is “working properly” in the device manager.

    I am using the same version Ride Runner and RRfusion in my car pc as I was in my laptop. So why is the fusion not working with ride runner?? Any ideas?


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    The USB ID probably changes?


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      right, sorry should have been more descriptive,

      when I said the fusion brain software sees the fusion brain, i ment on the car pc


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        If MDX sees it, then our part is working. The problem is in your configuration of RRFusion which we do not support.
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          Right, Your part is working, No complaints there.... Was hoping to get some help with the RRfusion.