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MDX on second monitor with no title bar

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  • MDX on second monitor with no title bar

    I'm setting up a dual monitor system and packaging my dash screen. Whenever I set the Windows title bar to hidden, MDX no longer pops up on monitor #2. It is locked centered on #1. There are no right click options for moving or properties.

    I don't want to reduce the mask for screen making the viewable area even smaller. RideRunner will let me set it to the second monitor (nVidea properties), but I want the larger center screen the master.

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    I'm now working with my actual car PC instead of a laptop and received my second touch screen monitor last week. I have the 7 inch MDX monitor set to primary. RideRunner has a setting in the skin general.ini file for placement. I can set this to X=800 to shove it over to the 8 inch touch screen. Does MDX have a setting like this? My system is more stable with the 8 inch as primary.


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      Launching MDX on second monitor solution

      I tried several dual monitor softwares. The best solution for my XP dual graphic card system is to run UltraMon or Display Fusion Pro. You can set which monitor a given application will launch on with either. My final choice was Display Fusion, much cheaper.