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Use FB to measure millivolts from another source

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  • Use FB to measure millivolts from another source

    I want to measure the out put of a voltage source separate from the fusion brain. The source I want to measure has it's own power supply and has an output of around -100 to 100 millivolts.

    I can measure this with my volt meter, but would like to set up the fusion brain to show me the reading.

    Is this possible (to use the FB like a voltmeter for this voltage range)?


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    I don't think it will measure the -100 to 0mV range. If it does it will report the difference or positive voltage. For the 0 to 100 range it has a theoretical accuracy of 5 millivolts.


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      You can, but it will take some inbetween electronics that are probably outside the average user's scope.

      You can do things like shift the voltage up by about 100mv, then amplify it to 0-5v. Then 2.5v is 0, 5v is 100mv and 0v is -100mv.

      Since it is on a separate power supply, you will want to isolate it as well, so after the amplifier, use an optoisolator.
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