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How best to mount and secure a Fusion Brain ?

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  • How best to mount and secure a Fusion Brain ?

    I have not been looking into FB for very long and can see a lot of detailed information in this forum but have failed to find anything about mounting and securing the board in a carpc installation.

    Does it come as a bare board or is it packaged?
    If you mount it inside a carpc enclosure can you use the pc power supply or usb power?
    Are there any special environmental considerations?

    I intend hooking up Bosch wideband O2, oil temp and pressure sensors.
    Any recommendations on reliable sensors?

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    It is a bare board with mounting holes at the four corners. I think you would be hard pressed to fit it in any carPC case I've seen once you start connecting wires to it. You don't need to pull power from your PC power supply, but you could. USB power won't run any outputs. I hope it doesn't generate a lot of heat, not much airflow in my box.

    Post #29:

    Any automotive sensors are fine. Autometer has a nice selection of "senders" that can be easily adapted. Too pricey for me. I've been using Standard Motor Product replacement senders from Rock Auto.


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      Thanks for that. So it comes just as it looks in the store pictures which is not very secure in a moving vehicle. I'll need to box it.

      I'm not driving any outputs so that will keep the power requirement down.


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        It does not get very hot, the only part that does is the linear regulator on the bottom but that can get hot enough to burn you before it does damage to the board. I have them running in airless enclosures for years with no issues.

        It does come just as shown in the store. The reasoning behind no case is so that you can put it anywhere you want with whatever you want with it. This way you dont need one box for the main unit and then a bunch of boxes for the sensors. We use standard #6/32 screw mount holes as you would find in any computer. So you can use computer standoffs and screws and it will work just fine.

        If you want a cheap enclosure, Radioshack sells some that are big enough for the FB and some sensors. If you are only powering sensors, then you could possibly use just the USB port for power. Make sure all the sensors draw less than 450mA though so you dont overload the USB rail.
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          I have no problem with it coming just as a board. I think I'll power it from the car battery though so that I can continue to add sensors without having to change that aspect.