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    i installed my car pc a couple of weeks ago with an atom cpu , directed radio , a fusion brain that will control power windows, central locks , remote for amplifiers, shutting down for pc and a steering wheel buttons. Now i'm in the phase of programming the fusion brain and i have it connected like this:

    input 11 is pulled up ( a 10k resistor from 5v to input 11). when ignition is turned off 5 volts stop so i have a logical 0 so i want the fusion brain to send a command to RR TURNOFF. The com part is working i tested it in my desktop pc with a virtual brain and it works great, as soon as voltage drops lower than 3 volts the command is sent to rr and the pc shuts down.

    But, when i try it in the car pc , here is what happens.
    Fusion control center is started automatically when windows start, RR starts (because there are commands in the COM part in fusion brain), and as soon as it starts it suddenly powers off.!!!!
    i changed the command to VOL+ for checking and i see that as soon as RR starts FB sends 2 or three commands in RR. Volume raises two or three times. What the heck is wrong?? i just can't figure it out, i suppose it has to do with timers but i couldn't figure it out. I also changed the delta timer ( what is that??) in the logic but still nothing.
    A work around could be a delay for few seconds but i can't figure it out either..If you could please help me i would be gratefull.
    Sorry for the long post and for my english , i'm from greece.

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    It is because all the inputs are 0 (which 0 < 3) on startup.

    So you can do something like

    a) if in11 is 5v, then variable "ok to shutdown" = 1, else "ok to shutdown" = 0. Delta timer that to 1000 or so.

    b) if in11 is 0v AND "ok to shutdown" = 1, then send STOP. Delta that to be at least 1/2 of the above, so lets say 200.

    The delta is the minimum time after the event has fired that another event will be fired for the same thing. So it will take another 1s for the first one to be fired, and another 200ms for the second one to be fired after being fired.
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