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Steering Wheel Control - Renault Clio

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  • Steering Wheel Control - Renault Clio

    Hello friends.

    I'm having some difficulties to identify steering wheel control cables.
    I searched the Net but couldn't find the wiring diagram.
    You can check the picture below.

    If someone has the diagram or any info I'll be very pleased.
    Otherwise I'm gonna break it and prepare buttons instead.
    Thank you all.

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    Hello guys,

    I think, I found the diagram but don't know how to use it.
    Can someone help me ?
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      looks like youd need a microcontroller, its kinda setup like a matrix.
      apply a voltage to brown, then read blue yellow and green. compare it to the last color you had and you now have rotation direction. apply voltage to red. now read green yellow and blue. that gives you vol- vol+ and whatever that other symbol is. then apply voltage to black. read blue yellow and green. this gives you mute and those two other arrow symbols. what exactly are you trying to interface it to?


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        I don't know much about electronics but I'll try to do your suggestions.
        And I'll use this with fusion brain v4 and my custom software (vb 2008)

        Thank you very much.


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          Here, you can found an exemple , how to use your steering wheel control .

          You must to add several resistors ...