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  • HVAC control

    Can this control my HVAC system? I saw a few years ago a device called something like Aircon. i have an old 91 Camaro with Analoug HVAC controlls. So I know I would need to use servo motors etc. But was curious if this can control an AC system. I've read a little through the board, and it looks like it will... It looks like it does a lot of things.

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    Hm....what is "this"? There's no link or anything to determine what you're talking about....


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      Sorry bout that. see below.


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        You posted in the other thread, too, and I supplied this answer....probably your best bet....

        Originally posted by Civic Modz View Post
        Hmm yeah, Mastero seems to be gone. You might be able to email him from his site, but dont quote me on that If you want an alternative direction have a look at the Fusion Brain thread. Its smaller and more supported.


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          Thanks, I did see that post you copied which is what drove me over here. The other one was a true HVAC unit, and I see this is a board that does a lot of things. I just wanted to be sure one of those things was controlling an HVAC system. Based on what I've read, it sounds like it will, I just wanted to be sure before I forked over the money. Which is why I asked.


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            Completely understood, the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked