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  • Back to n00b Status, V4 brain, Installation

    Hey sorry 2k and all others, but ive been searching around for some time now and theres so much redundant info floating around i cant find what i need to know, i was looking for a few quick point and shoot answers..

    * Just got my V4 in the mail today, i wrecked my old one that was one of the first made.. i am only now finally installing it for real..


    * What do i have todo to get this to work with the RRFusion plugin? do i install this some how into windows? or do i need to download MDX software from somewere, how can i get it recognisable to RR. and then go forth with RRFusion searching for info. All ill be using this for is reading air sensors and displaying them, and firing relays, thats it. is that simplest in RRFusion?

    * secondly ill be pushing relays, is it a must to power from 12v ? or can i get away with USB powering?

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    I can't help you with RRFusion. If you want it all contained in RoadRunner you can either:

    a) use RRFusion
    b) use the COM interface from MDX and embed MDX into RR like you do GPS

    a is simplest, and Sonic is the guy to talk to.

    If you don't have the drivers, then make sure to download the drivers.

    To do relays, you need 12v power externally.
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    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
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      Thanks for your help 2k!

      I currently have drivers installed i guess for my old one? would i require new ones? if so do u have a download page? the reason i ask is because there is so much scattered information its hard to collaborate whats the newest and most relevant