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Is Fusion Brain all I need?

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  • Is Fusion Brain all I need?

    Hello everyone,

    I have read a lot about Fusion Brain in recent days which is really fantastic and I decided to buy it , now I need your help to understanding some things!
    I want to control my car such as windows, air conditioning , lights and others.

    I want to know what are the requirements that I have to buy them (such as wires and other) and understand next to the Fusion Brain?

    if i buy fb6 is that all i need to control my car ? how to power it ?

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    Hello & welcome.

    Many of your questions will be answered by reading the topics here:


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      You power it via the USB port or input power jack. You can buy the power cable which comes with a 2.1mm centre positive barrel connector with bare wires on the other end. Attach the bare wires to whatever source between 4.5v and 22v.

      As for everything else you need, it depends on what you want to do and how your car does it.
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