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  • New Fusion Brain Setup Questions

    So for Christmas, I am looking to get a FB to add to my setup. Questions below.

    Fusion Brain Version 6 x1
    50A Current Sensor x4
    MOSFET Power Output Board x2
    4 Channel Input Isolator and Voltage Divider x1
    Photosensor x1
    Thermometer x2
    Fusion Control Centre's Mini-Relay Board x1

    General Requirements:
    Current sensors for processor, 2 amps, and carPC.
    Temps inside amp rack and trunk
    Light gauge for screen auto-dimming
    Remote for processor and sub amp to make anti-thump and battery saver
    Remote and Fan controlled for 2 fan rigs (1 4xfan set for amp rack / 1 2xfan set for cooling the trunk)
    Voltmeter for audio gear
    On/Off for some led lighting (Provide light for adjusting gains and other amp settings)

    Detailed Requirements:
    1) If dark dim screen, else brightness high (may add variable adjustment setting after initial setup and if needed)

    2) If (voltage>12v && sound card on) turn ON processor remote
    else turn off processor remote

    3) If (voltage>12.5v && processor remote ON)turn off sub remote
    else turn off sub remote

    4) If (amp rack temp > X degrees) turn ON rack fans HIGH
    else turn ON rack fans LOW

    5) If (trunk temp > Y degrees) turn ON trunk fans HIGH
    else If (trunk temp > z degrees) turn ON trunk fans LOW
    else turn OFF trunk fans

    6) Log amperage usage of all 4 components separate and the system combine


    1) Can this hardware support the requirements I am looking to accomplish? (from what i can tell yes)

    2) How hot does the fusion brain get? I am changing my case to a Silverstone SG-08 and I would like to mount most of the hardware in the spare 3.5 HDD and 2.5 HDD bays. If these generate too much heat, I will need to redesign my intended setup.

    3) How much power does the FB use? The fans and remotes shouldn't draw much off the FB so overall I would assume this setup shouldn't use more than 60w.

    4) Is it best to power the FB off a direct dc line or rig to the cpu psu? If wired directly, will it be always on?

    5) Is there anything else I may need? I was reading I may need resistors to create a voltmeter.

    6) (Dumb question and pretty sure I can get this working without seeing it) Using RR / FB, can I have manual overrides for all automated tasks? For instance on a hundred degree day, I may want to default to fans always on. Or I may want to turn the sub off even though power in not an issue.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    1) Yes. For Requirement #2 instead of "sound card on" you should just use if the PC is running the software, because that means windows has already loaded the sound drivers.

    2) It doesn't generate much heat at all. Make sure you cover the exposed pins with something so you don't short things out, and or secure it well so that it cannot move and short.

    3) The FB uses about 20mA to 80mA at 3.3v, or about a 1/4 Watt full boar. Each output can sink 500mA maximum. Recommendation of 300mA to keep things nice and cool in your enclosed space. 300mA is still way more than any of my relays use. Note that the FB sinks current, not source.

    4) It will always be on as long as it is powered. Your choice for what you want. If you want everything off when the PC is off, then might as well wire it to the PC. Otherwise, it doesn't matter.

    5) If you are using the voltage divider/isolator board, then you do not need extra resistors. Alternatively, you could just use a bunch of resistors instead of that board. You may want some general wires, or extra wires just in case something gets cut too short or who knows what. I hate it when I am in the middle of something and am a couple wires short so I have to go to a store. Usually it is at 3am so I have to buy some crap at walmart and hack it. Waiting is not an option.

    6) If using FuseGL, you can do whatever you want. If using RRFusion, I have no idea. You may want to ping sonic on that question. I don't know how he has tied the actions together.
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