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  • Modding FB Case


    I got my FB and case today. First thing I noted was that it's pretty darn small (which is great). The 2nd is that I am going to have to mod the case -- as it doesn't have holes for the power barrel or for the USB connector. As I plan to use it for anti-thump, I expect I need access to both. There also isn't any slots/holes to connect anything to the fusion brain. Which brings up my question, as I don't have my relays yet -- how tight to the board are the jumpers/connectors? Can I drill a center hole and weave the wires through it or do I need holes above the connection points? Thanks in advance,

    BTW: if anyone has pics of how they fixed up their case -- post away!

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    Yup, modding is needed. Reason being if you only have one output, then you don't want a big hole.

    I use an exacto knife and just slowly cut through. I have also used a soldering iron to make a smaller hole and then exacto out the square.

    It is relatively tight. But if you feed through the case top holes, then attach to the board, then close the case, it will fit through a single opening. But I find it much easier just to make a hole above the output or input you want and then just plug directly in from the outside.
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      Thanks 2k1Toaster,

      I used my rotary tool to cut out the holes for the usb/connector. I am still thinking about the hole at the top -- would like to do it once and be done...