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Climate control will this work?

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  • Climate control will this work?

    I was "thinking" of trying to figure out how to get my climate control through my PC is fusion brain my answer?

    I have an Automatic climate control in my car like in the picture. No cables to to the unit only like 9-12 wires or so.

    Click image for larger version

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    Any ideas how I can go about this or will this work?

    Can't I pull apart my climate control unit and solder wires from each of the controls: temp up & down, defroster etc everything hopefully except the manual fan speed (unless that is not hard to do too) because I always use "Auto" anyways so the fan goes up and down according to the temperature. I would asume it is probably 2 wires for each control like a normal switch on the climate control?

    I would just run those wires to relays to the fusion brain, is that correct?
    Then it should act like I physically pressed the appropriate button.

    Now the bigger question is there software for already made to control the climate in the car? I wouldn't have any idea on how to make any software or plug-ins. I would want it to work in RideRunner.


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    It has been done but it is a project. There are other posts about it. There is no specific software out there. I know one guy wrote something but won't release it for some weird copyright issue or something...

    Just out of curiosity, with auto controls already, why would you want to remove them. Are you trying to free up the space in the dash or just cause it would be neat?


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      Those 9-12 wires could be anything. 9 to 12 wires to carry data for a multi-character LCD, multi-position fan speed controller, power/ground, and then those 6 buttons, means that something is either multiplexed (as in resistor tree for the buttons?) or it is a digital signal/bus with all the info.

      Best case is you can replace that unit completely. Worst case is you have to keep that unit but burry it in the dash somewhere and control the unit instead of the HVAC directly.

      But yes it is possible, and yes it is probably one of the hardest things to do in the car.
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