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    I hope I am posting in the right place and if I'm not I am sorry. I have also looked through as many threads as I can to find an answer but was unable to. Sorry again
    if this is a redundant question.

    I have a V4 fusion brain that I bought a WHILE ago and I am just getting to the point where I can start using it. I want to do some basic control with it in my sailboat so
    I need it to be standalone.
    From what I've read I would need to completely re-program the brain with a new firmware, which I don't mind, but I need some help in knowing which direction to start looking for coding help.

    Can I program the brain with C and/or or does it have to be done with C#?
    I'm assuming I would need to get a ICSP programmer to start from scratch, right?
    Does anyone have sample code or know of a tutorial that could help me start from scratch? Would it be the same as programming any other PIC processor?
    Can does this brain board have an oscillator on it? From what I understand I need that to keep track of time??

    As all of you can now tell I am probably the biggest noob here so again I am sorry for stupid simple questions. I can read and am very determined, but I can't seem to find any documentation on the brain and even less when it comes to programming this unit from scratch.

    Thanks for the help in advance,