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Can a Fusion Brain power cycle a television remotely?

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  • Can a Fusion Brain power cycle a television remotely?

    I'm looking for a way to power cycle 2 80 inch Sharp Aquos televisions remotely. These televisions do not remember their state so if you unplug them and plug them back in, you have to push the power button to get them to turn back on again. Therefore I'm assuming I need to send some sort of infrared signal to the unit to mimic the on/off from the remote. Can the Fusion Brain do this in any way? Thanks.

    * note - both televisions are plugged into the wall, no car involved.
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    Well powercycling shouldn't be an issue it's the sending of the infra-red which is slightly more tricky.

    One way would be to hack a remote and have two wires going to the power button which can then be controlled by a relay (or if you want to be clever possibly a transistor) connected to the fusion brain.

    The remote's infrared LED would have to be ligned up to the TV with nothing likely to block it.

    Main issue would be knowing what atet the TV is in.

    I guess you could tape a LDR up the the corner of the TV. (bit tacky)


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      A lot of TVs also have separate power toggle, on & off IR commands - I think you can check the logitech harmony website to see if you model does.

      EDIT - also look into RS232 & IP commands to do what you are looking for, probably easier.


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        Answer: Yes it is possible.

        However, I would recommend you use a simple RS232-IR converter that they make for HTPC's. This allows the PC to control a VCR/DVD/SatBox/CableBox to switch channels and record. It is just a PC programmable remote control. Also some TV's have a serial connection either hidden or not used for industrial and commercial installations so it is a direct connection and you control it that way. I have 1 Panasonic TV with BNC inputs and a DB9 connector for full serial control.

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