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MDX- Temp sensors

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  • MDX- Temp sensors

    Download the attachment and put it in your functions folder (well unrar it to your functions folder)

    Make a Brain, make an Analogue to your temp sensor, make a variable (numeric).

    Then make the following if statement:

    Then make a multiimage follow the variable like this:

    If you want to use h3rk's arc, then (you might need to rename the first 10 files to 001, 002, 003, 004... and so on if you havent already.

    Then open the auto import from folder icon, set the max and min temps you want that arc to represent and click open. Then save and save the whole thing and there you go.

    For the text label use the code above but put your variable name in it. The example uses the variable called "Variable_OutsideTemperature".

    You also need that font file in the required such as:

        <font name="LED50" originalSize="50" font_config="Content\config\fonts\FusionFontLED.xml"></font>
    with the appropriate font file in the location it says. You should have this font in that spot because I include it in the download.

        <text_label id="TextIndicator_Temp" text="00" auto_monitor="variable" auto_monitorTarget="Variable_OutsideTemperature">
          <font font_id="LED50" font_size="40"></font>
          <display location="97,191" page="0"></display>
          <config decimals="1" max_size="77,32"></config>

    Attached Files
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    30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
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