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How to add a Fusion Brain instance to your configuration file

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  • How to add a Fusion Brain instance to your configuration file

    Tutorial found here in html form:

    Copy Pasted below as of June 7th, 2008. For the most up to date version use the html website.

    ================================================== ========================

    One of the most important steps in creating a working configuration file, is to get a Fusion Brain instance into your configuration file. Without doing this properly, MDX will not be able to communicate with your Fusion Brain no matter what. So this is definately important!

    Click the "Add Fusion Brain Instance" icon on the top toolbar.

    After clicking the "Add Fusion Brain Instance" icon, a window will popup similar to the one shown to the right. The "Name" field is where you type a unique name to refer to this Fusion Brain instance. This must be unique and case does not matter. This is the name that MDX uses to refer to connect I/O channels to the Fusion Brain. The second field "ID" is the unique machine identification code. This code is automatically generated by the Windows operating system and refers to a specific hardware device. You can either type in the ID manually or automatically search for it. To find it manually go to your Device Manager, and select "Da Fusion Brain". Under "Driver Details" there will be "Hardware ID" or "Instance ID" and this full string starting with "USB\VID..." is what needs to go in the "ID" field of this Configurator popup. It is much easier to assign it automatically. To do this click the Search icon.

    If there are no found Fusion Brain devices attached to the PC, you will get the following error message. If you feel this message is in error, verify that the blue power LED on the Fusion Brain is illuminated and is connected to the computer via a USB cable of no longer than 2 metres. If this mesage persists, first try to unplug the Fusion Brain and reinsert it into a different USB port. If this still doesnt work, restart the computer. If it still doesnt work, then please reinstall the drivers and try again.

    If there are Fusion Brain devices connected to the PC, the Configurator will show them in the popup. To select one of them left click the instance ID you want. For instance the only instance ID connected here is "4&28731668&0&2". Please note that your number will not be the same as this. It is a unique random number that is generated on the system level. It will have the same form with the numbers and ampersands in the same positions more than likely, but that ends the similarities between this example and what you will experience.

    If you have multiple Fusion Brains on the same computer, there will be multiple ID's shown. To determine which is which, click the identification icon (bottom left) and it will flash the LEDs of the selelcted Brain. If you connect or disconnect a Fusion Brain while this screen is open, you can rescan the computer and update the list by clicking the refresh icon (2nd from the left on the bottom).

    After you select your ID, click the checkmark icon to accept it. If you do not want to accept the ID, click the x icon to cancel.

    You can view, edit, and delete all Fusion Brain instances by double clicking the Fusion Brain Instances icon in the icon list manager.

    As you can see, the Fusion Brain isntance we just added is now in the icon list manager confirming it was added successfully.

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