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How to add a Digital Output instance to your configuration file

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  • How to add a Digital Output instance to your configuration file

    Tutorial found here in html form:

    Copy Pasted below as of June 7th, 2008. For the most up to date version use the html website.

    ================================================== ========================

    A Digital Output instance is what allows the Fusion Brain to turn on and off outputs. This requires that you have already added a Fusion Brain instance to your configuration file.

    Click the "Add Digital Output Instance" icon on the top toolbar.

    After clicking the "Add Digital Output Instance" icon, a window will popup similar to the one shown to the right.

    The "Name" field is where you type a unique name to refer to this Digital Output instance. This must be unique and case does not matter. This is the name that MDX uses to refer to the specified output port on the specified Fusion Brain instance.

    The second field "Connected To" is where you assign this Digital Output instance to a Fusion Brain instance. As you can see, it automatically populates the dropdown box with the names of the Fusion Brain isntances in the current configuration file.

    The third field "Port" is the zero-indexed number of the channel to control. Each pin on the physical Fusion Brain has a specified port number. This port number is what you put in this field. When this Digital Output instance is turned on, the output on the specified Fusion Brain at the specified port and consequently specified pin will turn on as well, and when turned off the port/pin will also be turned off.

    The last field of "Default State" sets whether or not this specified Digital Output is on or off when the program starts. Some instances such as remote amplifier turn on signal should be set to on with the default.

    You can view, edit, and delete all Digital Output instances by double clicking the Digital Output Instances icon in the icon list manager.

    As you can see, the Digital Output isntance we just added is now in the icon list manager confirming it was added successfully.

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