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FAQ - Digital Inputs

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  • FAQ - Digital Inputs

    Many people have asked about using our digital inputs. The header is as follows:

    input---5vDC - edge of board
    input---5vDC - edge of board
    input---5vDC - edge of board
    input---5vDC - edge of board

    in order for the input to work correctly, a ~1,000 (1k) ohm resistor needs to be attached between the input pin and ground point on the board. You can use the ground on the analog pin headers. This will hold the pin low until it is raised high by a switch attached across the input pin and the 5vDC pin.

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    you need to manually add the code to the xml file, but save it somewhere in a txt file or something, the MDX config software removes things it dosn't know about, so would clear this out each time you click save

    2k1Toaster posted this in another link
    You will notice that it is the exact same syntax as the other channels. Only difference is the type.
    <iochannel id="ChannelID" port="0" brain="MyBrain" type="digital_input"></iochannel>


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      Which is input 1 and which is 4? (Or 0 and 3 if you prefer)


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        can someone post up a complete page of code that does for eg:
        digital input 1, triggers a key press of w.

        there is something obvious im missing i know it. and once i have a working example i"ll be able to tweak it to anything else i need. after changing the FB id code of corse


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          Still a Little Confused

          After you manually add the digital input into the xml file how do you program the input to trigger an output. I have no experience in xml programming so if anybody could walk through with me the steps I need to take to actually get the digital input to be actually useful would greatly appreciated. Thanks.