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MDX - Temperature Sensor Walkthrough

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  • MDX - Temperature Sensor Walkthrough

    Ok there are 2 ways. First way use the wizard and be done with it. Or do it manually in the configurator. If you do one, then you don't need the other.

    As for the markings on the board, those are pin header numbers. Nothing to do with the analogue inputs themselves. They follow what is in the manual and what is shown on the virtual brain:


    Now to make a config with a temp sensor the easy way using the wizard:

    You have to actually select your Fusion Brain from the connected ones or do it manually, but it would be easier for you by clicking the blue button. Also if you want a debugging screen, check the virtual button.

    Save in MDX's root directory, and overwrite the one there (or rename the old one and use this new one).

    That is it. The images, the text labels and the functions are all done for you.
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