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  • FuseGL Manual - Work in Progress

    I got my Fusion Brain v6 from Nick last week. It's been two years since I played with a Brain, and that was a v3 working with MDX, so this new Brain and its software is a completely new thing for me. I'm not a coder at all, so I need to document everything I do with the Brain to make sure I know what to do later. For that purpose, here's a Basic Guide to getting your Fusion Brain v6 working with FuseGL.

    I'll comment on any bugs I find along the way in another thread here. As I learn new things and FuseGL develops, hopefully this thread will grow in the same way.
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    Very nice!

    In the input part where you are connecting the temp sensor:

    In this example we have installed the sensor into the first output, which is furthest away from the USB port, numbered "15".
    I think it should read the "last input" instead of "first output". Also there are 15 inputs, and the 0th input is closest to the USB port. The 14th output is the one you connected it to. So in the software, you should have selected port 14 I believe to have it read back properly.

    and then here:

    Alongside its Inputs, the Fusion Brain v6 can operate up to 31 Digital Outputs. These outputs are arranged in four banks on your Fusion Brain, and are fully customisable using FuseGL.
    There are 31 Digital Outputs. 1 of them is always on and not controllable via the PC. You can tell it to turn on and off, but it will always be on. This is located on the 4th bank, the horizontal row near the middle. I don't have an exact port number right now because I don't have one infront of me.

    Other than that, great documentation!

    If you are interested, I can maybe integrate your writeups on the website somewhere. I have been toying with the idea of a wiki or at least one user editable setup/faq page. Being the only one, I just really don't have time for everything and I am trying to prioritize. If you can help with the documentation, I might be able to give you some extra stuff, like more sensors or something if you are interested.
    Fusion Brain Version 6 Released!
    1.9in x 2.9in -- 47mm x 73mm
    30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
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      I've made that small change and uploaded a new file.

      The rest will be small steps. There's not much I can do with FuseGL's GUI at the moment because all the power is "under the hood". But as soon as you add more tools to the menu, I'll test them and write them up. Feel free to use them as you wish from then on