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MOSFET Power Output Board

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  • MOSFET Power Output Board

    I got a question about the possibilities of the MOSFET Power Output Board.

    I'm getting a JL Audio HD Series HD750/1 amplifier for my subwoofers. I also ordered a JL Audio HD-RLC volume control knob for the amp.

    I have not received it yet so I'm not 100% sure of how it functions but I'm sure its pretty basic. My question is that if the MOSFET Power Output Board can give me an analogue output from my brain, do you think then that I could use it to replace this volume control knob and control the volume level of the amp through my brain? Or am I just completely wrong about what this output board can do?

    Obviously I'd have get all my amp stuff in and test it and see how it functions and figure out what type of signal id have replicate to make it work, but I saw this item in your store and the idea came to mind as i dont really want to have controls all over my dash and want everything to just work through my PC.

    Thanks for you help.

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    any insight on this?


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      Without knowing whats inside the volume control box, a motorized potentiometer would be the easiest solution. If you really don't want any mechanical devices then I guess you would have to open up the thing and see how the pot is connected and make an interface to suit. Though i'm not sure if you can use the FET driver directly without some kind of modification.