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  • Outside Temperature Sensor

    What is the best place to attach the outside temperature sensor, so that it does not get a false reading from the engine temperture or the skin of the car..

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    Most manufacturers put them inside the front bumper to one side, so that they are away from the radiator, sheltered from windchill amd unaffected by local head from the headlights.


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      somewhere in the fender well/bottom front bumper is best. Make sure to seal it with epoxy to make it water resistant. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        I have mine ziptied to my car's factory ambient air temp sensor...only time it picks up heat from other than actual air temp is when the AC is on and the car is sitting still... otherwise wind doesn't effect it and it doesn't get heat-soaked from other objects... it's located about 2" off the radiator to the right(looking at radiator) on the driver side, bottom corner...
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