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    I'm building a Fusion Brain-driven gauge, whilst trying to retain the old analogue feel, so this thread is the repository of all my image files. Feel free to use them for non-commercial purposes

    If you want me to customise these images for you (wider needle sweep, mph conversion, colours, size) just send me a PM and I'll see what I can do, as I still have all the PSD layers.

    CONTENTS: One KM/H dial face reading 20 - 240 km/h, 270 needle arm positions sweeping 10 - 250km/h.
    TO USE: The dial face is 444 x 443 pixels, the needle arm is 383 x 346. In order for the needle arm to rotate around the centre point of the dial, there must be a difference in Top Left positions of 31 x 27 pixels.
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    Example of dial sweep range:


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      These are the other dials, built at the same size for better size reduction later. They are: Tacho, Fuel level, Coolant Temp and Oil Temp.

      Tacho aligns to needle images the same as Speedo. The other three have a Top Left alignment of 31, 130.

      Needle Image Ranges:
      Tacho: 021 to 238
      Fuel: 089 to 171
      Temps: 086 to 177
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        Nice job, I'm going to have to add another page to my dash. Can you post an example of the rotation code for the needle? I never figured that one out.


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          Oh, it's not rotation code at all, it's a multi-image, which is why that .zip file contains 270 different image files. Each one is 1 degree of rotation. Sounds complicated, but the Configurator makes it very easy to set up, once you have all the images you need. Just read this post to make it work.
          Bear in mind that, because each dial face starts with a different image number, pointing Configurator to the same image folder will create a multi-image with the full 270-degree sweep. Therefore you'll need multiple folders with ONLY the correct files in each, for each gauge, unless you want to code 90 different images manually.


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            Great work - the gauge faces look very E46ish.

            Just a sidenote on the multiple image setup - I once saw a progress bar that was similar in that there were multiple images to make up the 0 to 100 levels. What this guy did was compile the images to a MPEG with each frame as an image - it could then be played in WMP in pause mode, each step/frame selected by where the MPEG was paused (if that makes sense). Made for a nice compact package with minimal setup. I thought that was kinda clever.



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              Very nice. Never saw the thread before. Good work!
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