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  • Fusion Contro Centre Skin HELP

    Hey everyone,

    I'm extremely new to this site and concept. I came up with wanting a digital dashboard for my 69 Baja Bug this year. I came across the Fusion Brain 6.0 and got excited. I ordered it yesterday and know have been reading on the skins. I didn't realize i needed to be a graphic designer or programer to get one. i thought their would a bunch of generic or ok ones for download. If their is I don't see it. I guess my questions are there a place to download a skin for a basic gauge cluster. 2. or is their people who charge to make one. Thanks in advance
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    I'm still needing help with getting started on a skin for my FB v6. Is their anyone willing to help get me on the right path? I'm really good with the hardware part but REALLY weak on the software part.