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using fusion brain in streetdeck

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  • using fusion brain in streetdeck

    can you control fusion brain in streetdeck? Like make a digital mod for it?
    also I want to be able to use the voice activation speech. Right now I have to hit a button on the keyboard or mouse. every time I want to activate the speech. I have factory steering wheel control. I want to program the buttons on the steering wheel to work with the fusion brain. So I can have volume control, next track and the other options. how would I go about hooking up to my car so I can use the steering wheel control ?

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    work on RR first


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      I dont have roadrunner, I have streetdeck. I just want to be able to control volume,tracks and speech with my steering wheel. Thats the reason I bought the fusion brain, I could have just used an old keyboard board.


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        One of the original beta-testers, P3D4T0R, was working on a digimod for it, for which he needed the COM but I'm not sure where that stands at this point.
        I think this page, is the latest reference to such.
        It's been a while...


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          any updates on this?

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