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  • Small errors

    Nothing causing crashing or failures, just little mistakes (I think) I noticed whilst playing around with Uber MDX:
    • Logic statement form: Digital Output Node (blue lightning) is called Analogue Input Node
    • Error message on main page contains the word "Declrarations" (spelling!)
    • Function form and Logic form are both called CustomFunctionForm in the title - which is which? They look identical.
    • If you load something from the icon list manager and open its property, and then close it, the icon list manager goes all the way back to the root rather than just the last window you were viewing.
    • The right pane, in logic mode, bunches all the blocks together in a row so that the names become unreadable. When you go to Edit those logic statements, they're spread out as designed, but unreadable from the main window because all the names get garbled together.

    Im not being picky, just little things Im noticing as I play around and thought you might like to know they're there.

  • #2
    1) Fixed
    2) Fixed all 8 occurance. Stupid copy/paste
    3) Fixed. Reason they are called the same is because they are the same page. I just hide and change the actions depending on which button you pressed to get there. Now it shows 2 titles.
    4) Working on it...
    5) You have to click save if you want the changes to be saved. The right pane makes an image from how you layed it out after you click save on the logic designer. So when you open up a skin with logic in it, it will all be bunched up because there is no position data in the file. The designer makes it up as it goes there. So when you move it all around in the logic editor, click save and it will be saved in that state and the right pane will show it like that. But once you do a full save of the skin, and reopen it, all that positioning is lost, because again the skin file does not contain any location data for the modules because it works completely differently inthe main program. That is why all functions you make have both the xml file which the main program needs, and a *.designer file which contains gibberish location data.

    Keep pointing things out, as I wouldnt have caught them for a while.
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