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Fusion Control Centre - New Built In Function - "Between"

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  • Fusion Control Centre - New Built In Function - "Between"

    There is a new function in MDX and the Configurator. Between

    This will cut code from needing 3 modules to only needing 1 to do the same thing. It is built into MDX and the Configurator now so the function parsing will take less time each cycle saving CPU. Logic such as steering wheel button control and other comparative functions will benefit greatly from these.

    They will be released in the next public version.

    In the first image from top to bottom of the modules shown, are Between II, Between EE, Between EI, and Between EE. "I" stands for Inclusive and "E" stands for Exclusive. Inclusive is the "or equal to" part of "greater than or equal to" and "less than or equal to".

    You will notice 4 nodes on this module. In the expression a < b < c, the Top node is "a", bottom node is "c" and the middle left is "b". The node on the right is as usual the output node.

    Second image is just an example of it being used as a test which should always be true unless integer math changes somehow.

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