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    I'm looking for a way to run external programs (batch files or executable) from the FB. I've looked a lot at the external COM commands but they seem to be for programs that are already running. Pretty much all i want to do is run a batch file if an analog input goes high. Is this possible?


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      Originally posted by Lithoss View Post
      Its only been a couple days and the experts are probably drowning in finals, but to help them out why don't you tell us a little more about your system. What's your OS, your front-end, what type batch file are you trying to execute, what other details can you tell us that might be important?

      All these things can help.
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        hey gizmo, thats right, i forgot it was finals time. i guess i can cut them some slack

        im running XP. this is actually for home automation stuff, so no front end. i know this is carPC forum, but the FB doesnt really have any support forums anywhere else. and i'm sure my questions could also help someone else in the carPC world someday

        what im trying to do is integrate my alarm system into my custom security cam system. i'm monitoring the voltage to my alarm siren via an FB analog in. when it goes to 12v, (which i have divided down to 5v.. actually its a relay system) i need it to run a batch file that will trigger video recording and also call my cell phone via a skype script. i can also have it alter my webserver status page.


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          It is done... Should have it after the next update. Any exe with version number above will have this.

          Here is an example for how to call it from a button. Same applies to any logic vote:
          <button id="TestButtonPage1_0" enabled="yes" function="execute command" functionTargetID="cmd" vote="blah" vote_opinion="blah" vote_priority="Low">
          That will open a command window anytime the button is clicked.
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