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    hi, i have just bought your fusion brain and have been having a play with the software. while most of the things seem quitre easy to use i can see how you program the timer controll on it. what i want the fusion to do is monitor the temperture from parts of my house and display the temp on the screen, think ive sorted that bit out, but i also have 5 outputs that are to control lights, each light has to be able to be turned on and off muliple times a day, for instance output one will have to come on at 0800 and stay on for 2hrs then come back on at 1100 hrs and stay on for 1 hour then back on at 1230 and stay on for 3 hrs and so on on all the outputs independently. thanks for any help you can offer me and i look forward to receiving my Fusion


        <task id="THE TASK NAME" minimum_delta_vote_time="1000">
          <when year="XXXX" month="XX" day="XX" hour="08" minute="00" second="00" />
            <do FILL IN WITH WHAT TO DO></do>
    You can change any "X" digit to any number and it will work. So if you make hour "X8", it will fire at 8am as well as 6pm (18). Or if you make minute "X5", then it will fire at 05, 15, 25, 35, 45, and 55 minutes.

    -- Nick
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