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Does the software package work in Win 7 64 bit using compatibility mode?

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  • Does the software package work in Win 7 64 bit using compatibility mode?

    Anybody know if this would work if it is run in the compatibility mode?

    Here is some information i found about the compatibility mode, im not very knowledgeable about the programming aspects of software and kernels, etc.

    For each operating system call made, WOW64 generates native 64 bit system calls, converting 32 bit data structures into 64 bit aligned structures. The appropriate native 64 bit system call is passed to the operating system kernel, and any output data from the 64 bit system call is converted into a format appropriate for the calling application before being passed back.

    Like 32 bit applications, WOW64 runs in user mode so any errors that occur in translating an operating system call will only occur at that level. The 64 bit operating system kernel cannot be affected.

    Since WOW64 runs in user mode, all 32 bit application code must also run in user mode. This explains why 32 bit kernel mode device drivers and applications that rely on them, will not work under Windows 7 / Vista 64.

    I found this information at

    There is some more info there if it helps.


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    The main part of code works on x64. It is the Managed DirectX code and the USB driver code that is not compilable under x64. This code generates a DLL, which is required to be on the platform it is made for.

    So no it will not work on x64 even virtualized.

    I have a new DLL for the usb and it works wonders on x64. I also have the beginning of new software for x64. With me as the only programmer, all my jobs, and all the extra things I do for various works, there isnt much time for actual programming though. The core is there though, I am hoping to release something to test basic functionality soon.
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      So its still a ways out for full functionality?

      Probably should have asked this before buying the fusion brain and 64 bit OS.

      Oh well.


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        If you run xp in the compatability mode, (virutal machine) you can run the software. It's not an elgant solution, but it does work.
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