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    Has anyone had any luck with it?. I have simple outputs turning on and off, and I get it to tell me temperatures. But have no idea how to command an output that's controlled by a variable. Example my HVAC fan, 0-off, 1-low, 2-medium and so on.

    Any help would be awesome guys...

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    You can just as easily have it set a variable. So you would say "fan off" and it would set the variable to 0. Or "fan medium" and it sets the variable to 2.

    If you have all the rest working, it should be trivial to add.
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      Well that sounds exactly like what I need, but confused as to where to tell it to change the variable. If it's in custom definitions, I'd select variable, fan off, definition would be "fan off", where do I tell it to change the variable to "0"

      Thanks 2K1