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  • Multi-image problems

    Has anyone encountered an issue before when using multi-images such that for example, if you had a set of 5 images, only the first and last would display on the screen?

    What I've done is create a fan speed indicator with the incremental bars. There's five in total. I have the Fan speed + button change a variable, fanstate, with the vote opinion set to d+1.

    To my knowledge, everytime the button is clicked, this should increase the value of fanstate by +1.

    I then have a multi-image tied to fanstate such that 0=level1image, 1=level2image, and so on.
    The issue is when running the actual program, i click the button 4 times and then all of a sudden the last image is displayed (as it should be), but the multi-images set to fanstate values between 1 and 3 are skipped. Any thoughts?

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    Anyone? I really need some help with this guys!


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      Solved my own problem....again.

      For anyone who may be experiencing a similar issue here's what was going on:

      1) Had a button increase a variable by 1 (d+1)
      2) Variable initially set to 0
      3) Then had a 5 picture muti-image tied to the variable set as follows:
      Image 1 min 0, max 0
      Image 2 min 1, max 1
      Image 3 min 2, max 2 , ect.

      4) Logically pressing the button once should increase the variable to 1, after which Image 2 should be displayed.
      5) This wasn't working, so I increased the min and max range, which solved the issue
      6) New multi-imag settings:
      Image 1 min 0, max 0
      Image 2 min 0.1, max 1.9
      Image 3 min 1.99, max 2.9 , ect.