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  • LightSequencer Retrofit Demo

    In time for Christmas Eve night I finished retrofitting an old Coding4Fun sample to work more kindly with various hardware, specifically the FusionBrain v3 board I have.

    Description on Youtube:
    Converted the Light Sequencer program from Coding4Fun ( to work with the Fusion Brain (version 3) ( by Nicholas Vergunst and Tim Elmore.

    The Fusion Brain v3, superseded by version 4 and soon v6, connects via USB and has, amongst other hardware, 12 outputs. I have connected these to relays via ethernet connections (simple wire connectivity) to control the four power plugs, from which the lights gain their power.

    Versions 4 and 6 have PWM capabilities, and the v6 boards will have 31 outputs.

    I edited the original code to be less hardware dependent, placing all hardware operations in HardwareHandler.cs (renamed from PhidgitHandler.cs)
    Yes, its a terrible light show, but that's more my lack of artistic ability than any lack of software capability

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    Source code redone to use my FusionBrain.DLL
    As of right now I introduced a bug that blocks communication with the board but I'm working on it.
    EDIT: ah, found my stupid mistake(s). All is well! Note that this was tested with a FBv3 board (singular) as that's all I have. If you find a bug, please report!


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      hard to tell from the video, what are you using to interface the fusion brain to the lights? How is the FB connected to your home power supply Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        I'm using the relays from the store to switch the power to each plug


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          I hear wii at 4:30
          Originally posted by Lincolnman
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